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At St. Paul’s: “Our primary mission is to relate to, and minister to people who are living on the edge, who seek God’s will for their lives, struggling to find direction and purpose in a society that can be violent, insensitive and money-grabbing.”  

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July 24 Bulletin

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St. Paul’s Community Outreach

Key Achievements for 2014-15

  • 2498 people received services from St. Paul’s Drop-in Center in 2014-15
  • Outreach workers distributed:
- 1315 bags of food
- 1500 Changes of clothes
- 852 bus passes
  • Assisted many people by tutoring for GED’s
  • Taught 72 people computer skills
  • 40 or more people sleep in the gym each night during inclement weather due to overflow from shelters.
  • The Thrift Shop furnishes refrigerators, stoves, small appliances and pots and pans to those in need.
  • Outreach workers helped 25 individuals move from living on the streets into apartments.
  • Outreach workers helped 17 individuals find stable employment.
  • Disbursed over $3,000 in emergency assistance funds for prescriptions, rent deposits, utility bills, birth certificates and ID’s.


The parish nurse provided over 85 foot exams.
The parish nurse distributed 2000 pairs of socks and 125 pairs of boots.
The parish nurse provided over 2500 hygiene kits.
The parish nurse recorded 2,050 office visits with clients during
outreach hours and 500 visits at community meals.


Mission Statement: 
To encourage and assist individuals and families in need, without pressure or prejudgment.


To provide energy, direction and resources to ensure that all of the people of this community can realize their full potential


St. Paul’s Community Outreach, Inc. was founded in 2005 by St. Paul’s Community Church, UCC as a 501c3 nonprofit organization to continue and expand upon the church’s 50-year history of ministry in the neighborhood.

St. Paul’s Community Outreach helps people in need by providing immediate assistance consisting of food, clothing, transportation (i.e. bus passes) and HIV and STD prevention supplies as well as offering pastoral counseling and various referrals to get into treatment centers and help finding safe housing and stable employment. St. Paul’s also provides referrals to HIV prevention and care services, mental health and other medical services, addiction treatment programs, social services, legal aid, housing and job search support and life skills training.

St. Paul’s provides assistance for the homeless, those trade sex for money or drugs, those are mentally ill, living in poverty, or are educationally and socially challenged and many others.

Strategic Plan (2014 - 2017)

Goal #1: Capital improvements of facility

Goal #2: Improve fundraising streams

Goal #3: More fully develop board of directors

Goal #4: Better utilize communication tools

Goal #5: Continue program development